Enjoy Delicious Treats at a Low Cost

Our Snacks and Sweets aisle is one of the more frequented aisles with a tempting range of crisps, snacks, sweets, chocolates, chewing and bubble gum available.

  • Our sweet selection includes popular brands such as the Cadbury’s chocolate range, Yogueta lollipops, an all-time favourite in Zimbabwe - Dandy chewing and bubble gum as well as Crystal Candy sweets and chocolates.
  • Our crisp range includes family favourite brands such as Simba, Lays, Chompkins and our popular snacks range includes Tiggles, Jiggies and Nibble Naks.
  • The biscuit products include sweet and savoury biscuits and feature favourite brands like Lobels, Arenel, Energ and Spinners.