Pick Up Your Favourite Drinks For Less

Don’t miss out on our competitive pricing on your next beverage purchase. Our vast drinks selection comprises of everyday soft drinks and fruit juices to energy drinks and concentrate cordials. We have a full range of brands available from Minute Maid, Coke, Fanta Sprite, 100% boxed fruit juice from Ceres, Probrands and Cape Camisa which are all sold at the best available price on the market.

  • Our high quality carbonated soft drinks include Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Planet, Fizzy and Sparkle.
  • Our selection of concentrate cordials includes all-time favourite Mazowe Orange, Squish Squash and Bally House.
  • We stock a range of 1L boxed 100% fruit juices from Ceres, Probrands and Cape Camisa.
  • Our popular brand of energy drinks includes Dragon, Red Bull and Monster.
  • Mahewu is an all-time favourite in Zimbabwe and we stock the brands Shumba and Pfuko.
  • We have a selection of fresh spring bottled water from Tingamira, Vivon and Schweppes.
  • Stock up on all your mixers with our range of tonics, soda waters, lemonade and ginger ale.
  • And don’t forget about ice which we can provide you with for every occasion to keep chilled, available in bags of cubes and blocks from Mr Chando Ice.